10x19x13 - The Machine is ROARING!

So, geez - what an exciting month October has been for ZrK!  Griffin had a birthday, officially turned seventeen.  Nice.  The album has been mixed, start to finish, back to the front, and awaits mastering by the famed West West Side Music - who have done records by our heroes, numerous in name, such as Mastodon, Ben Folds, The Misfits, Adam West, Stuck Mojo, Motörhead, Monster Magnet, and GWAR.  Our session is scheduled for HALLOW'S WEEN.  How's that for an omen?

Furthermore, we've confirmed a live show on 11.8.13 at Arlene's Grocery, via our gracious, spacious and bodacious pal Lauren Stockner (what could be better?!) - so COME ON OUT, because it's probably the only NYC show we'll play this year!

Lastly, our label - Blastcap Records - is finally getting off the ground.  And the future is incredible.  Don't you forget it.

We couldn't be happier with our album.  In fact, we're quite sure Jerry Ramos, owner/operator/vindicator/rockinnovator of Mercury Recording Studio is the best damn engineer in the world.

So get ready.  Lock up your daughters.  Shoot your sons.  Pour generous portions of whiskey, because we're coming to kick in your doors and smash your fine china. Zr. King is taking flight, and we'll settle for nothing less than something more.

With love, and IRWT,