10x19x13 - The Machine is ROARING!

So, geez - what an exciting month October has been for ZrK!  Griffin had a birthday, officially turned seventeen.  Nice.  The album has been mixed, start to finish, back to the front, and awaits mastering by the famed West WestRead more

10x4x13 - Mixing Sessions Complete!

It's official: our debut record has been fully mixed!  11 searing tracks of rock'n'roll goodness, guaranteed to put a swagger in your step.

We're making plans for mastering now, but we promise it'll be worth the wait.  

Hang in there…Read more

8x24x13 – A Special Appearance

Hola frijoles and frijolas!

We've just confirmed a very special appearance at Six Flags Great Adventure to celebrate Labor Day!  Our album is in the final mixing stages, we've been in the studio pretty much non-stop and have taken a…Read more

7x29x13 – We Made a Plan & Started a Fire

 Hot dog, we’ve been so fricken busy, it’s been over a month since our last update! The record is blazing along like a glorious bonfire – we’ll have some samples to share very soon!

Next weekend will mark one…Read more

6x24x13 - Sessions In Progress

Well, we've done it. We've laid the framework for what will be our debut record! Jerry Ramos at Mercury Recording Studio was able to capture all our explosiveness and panache in the live setting. No click tracks, no prisoners…Read more

6x06x13 - The Rocktometrist will see you now

Our new stickers came in today – 200 large fresh off the presses. Thunderous Monsterpieces are in the works.

T-Minus FIFTEEN days until our fortnight of recording at Mercury Studios, in Rutherford NJ.

When we come out on…Read more

6x01x13 – Support your local Zr. King!

Salutations, comrades and desperadoes!

The starship grouperfish that is Zr. King is firing on all cylinders here, we’re cranking out rock’n’roll at a pace that’d make Henry Ford blush. T-Shirts are in – order yours today! We’ve got people…Read more

5x22x13 - Shirts have ARRIVED!

Frick yeah Gary and Joel, our t-shirts are officially here!

Each and every purchase will help support our first record and our efforts to get the ZrK machine firing on all cylinders.  This is truly a limited edition… we…

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5x11x13 - Aloha, friends!

Welcome to the official Zr. King Home Base!

The gears are turning.  Shirts and stickers have been ordered.  Sessions for our debut release are slated for late June, at Mercury Recording Studios in Rutherford, NJ. 

In the meantime,…Read more